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snoringGeneral Dental Care
July 22, 2021

Stop that snoring!

Stop that snoring! Have you been told you sound like a motor bike riding through the night or maybe you are waking up tired in the morning? Snoring is not…
Whiten Your teethTeeth Whitening
June 22, 2021

Whitening tips: How to avoid gum burn/irritation

Do it your self-whitening kits are a popular choice right now; everyone wants that perfect white bright smile. These kits are often a lower cost option than veneers or the…
Dental HygieneGeneral Dental Care
June 15, 2021

Are Smoothies & Juices Good For Your Teeth?

Smoothies and fruit juices are the present trend. They seem so simple, you can get your 5-a day in one quick gulp. But have you ever wondered are they really…
Cosmetic Dental CareTeeth Whitening
June 1, 2021

What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do For Your Smile

Get A Smile That Sparkles And Shines With Confidence   Everyone wants to be confident and your teeth can play a large part in that. We all want to smile…
Invisible teeth-straighteningOrthodontic Care
May 21, 2021

What do you know about INVISALIGN?

Invisalign is a great way to get the cosmetically pleasing smile you’ve always desired. It provides an option for adults who want a discreet, effective way to straighten and perfect…
May 6, 2021

Will ACC Cover My Dental Injury?

Information About ACC Dental Claims There are so many unfortunate events that can lead to a dental injury, whether it's your child colliding with another on the playground or you…
Sensitive TeethGeneral Dental Care
April 16, 2021

Are your teeth feeling the cold breeze coming in?

What causes cold sensitivity in your teeth Now the winter months are here the cold air can make you put on your winter woolies, but for some of us, that…
QuoteGeneral Dental Care
April 6, 2021

Why We Don’t Give Quotes Over The Phone

The most common question that we get asked over the phone and online enquires is ‘How much for X?’ Although we can give you a rough guide on treatment costs,…
General Dental Care
March 24, 2021

What are Dry sockets and how to avoid them

Dry sockets are a common complication after having a tooth extracted. Some people can be more prone to dry sockets than others but fortunately, there are steps to prevent them…
General Dental Care
March 17, 2021

Dental Health in Elderly Population

Dental Health in Elderly Population With our modern lifestyles, life expectancy is increasing. With increased life expectancy and due to modern advanced dental technologies, more people are keeping their teeth…
tooth decayGeneral Dental Care
March 10, 2021

Can you reverse tooth decay?

Can you reverse tooth decay? Short answer yes! Depending on a few different factors. Tooth decay is the result of an infection with certain types of bacteria that use sugars…
Protecting Your TeethGeneral Dental Care
February 25, 2021

Tooth replacement is not just cosmetic

Main reasons you should replace those missing teeth or hold on to the ones you have.... Damage / Wear Every tooth in your mouth has its own unique job, your…
wellington dentistDental Hygiene
February 16, 2021

Mouthwash – Do I Need One?

Should I Use Mouthwash, And What Kind? As you walk down the aisle of oral hygiene aids in the supermarket, you get reminded of the constant advice from your dentist…
Grinding your teeth in your sleepPreventative Dental Care
February 9, 2021

Do I Grind My Teeth In My Sleep?

Grinding your teeth when you're asleep can be a painful condition resulting in headaches and more, but 32 Gems can help. Do you often wake up in the morning with…
Preventative Dental Care
February 2, 2021

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Some of the benefits of a regular checkup are less pain, less stress, and even less money long-term, here is why: There is a good old saying (you would hear…
Dental HygienePreventative Dental Care
February 1, 2021

7 Common Habits Destroying Your Teeth!

Are you causing damage to your teeth without even knowing? Here are some common habits that could be damaging your teeth. 1. Brushing too often or too Vigorously Too frequent…
Dental Hygiene
January 20, 2021

5 Things teeth cleanings can do for you

The Benefits of professionally cleaned teeth Your dentist would have always mentioned that you need to see a dental hygienist regularly but Have you ever wondered what is the benefit…
bad breath tipsDental Hygiene
January 13, 2021

7 Tips and Tricks for Fixing Bad Breath

Have Bad Breath? Have you often wondered when someone has just casually mentioned bad breath - did you stop to think …? oh do I have it?? If that might…
General Dental Care
January 3, 2021

New Year Dental Resolution

It’s been a long year of new experiences for everybody. We have all tried new exercises, tried home schooling our children, become extraordinary bakers, D.I.Y ers and tried out several…
Team ChristmasGeneral Dental Care
December 20, 2020

Ways to care for your teeth over Christmas

We all love Christmas and we know as kiwis we all look forward to those beautiful summer afternoons, sipping a glass of bubbles or a beer and eating all those…
Christmas TreatsPreventative Dental Care
December 10, 2020

Christmas sweets with 32 Gems dental care

Here at 32 Gems Dental Care each member of our team work together to provide the best support and advice for our patients so that they can receive the best…
Dental VeneersCosmetic Dental Care
November 30, 2020

Dental Veneers – the solution you’re looking for.

Have you got a discoloured, Chipped or just a tooth you don’t like the look of and wished matched the others better? Dental Veneers may be the solution you’re looking…
General Dental Care
November 18, 2020

Overcoming dental fear and anxiety

Let’s get you to that appointment. Here at 32 Gems Dental Care each member of the team works together to make your dental visits simple, comfortable, friendly, and as pain-free…
Orthodontic Care
October 27, 2020

How Invisalign differs to traditional braces

Do you want straighter teeth without the hassle of braces? Invisalign may be your solution. Although Invisalign and traditional braces are both capable of getting you a perfect smile, Invisalign…
A Happy SmileGeneral Dental CareUncategorized
October 20, 2020


A straight and white smile is becoming more sought after then ever before.  This began with the pearly white smiles we see on T.V and with most of  the celebrities.…
Choosing a toothbrushPreventative Dental Care
September 27, 2020

Choosing the right toothbrush

How to choose the right toothbrush Have you ever stood in the toothbrush aisle at the supermarket and felt a bit overwhelmed and puzzled about what toothbrush to choose? The…
teeth whiteningCosmetic Dental CareTeeth Whitening
August 30, 2020

Teeth Whitening

If you are thinking about teeth whitening, there are many factors that can contribute to tooth discolouration such as your morning cup of tea or coffee, or ending the day…
Night time Dental RoutinePreventative Dental Care
July 17, 2020

Do you have a nighttime dental routine?

Be sure to add brushing your pearly whites and flossing before jumping into that cosy bed to your night time routine. Dental hygiene can play a big part in your…
Orthodontic Care
June 17, 2020

Straightening Options

Did you guys know we offer Orthodontic teeth straightening options? We have the Invisalign option - Which involves using a number of clear aligners over a certain period of time…