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Have Bad Breath?

Have you often wondered when someone has just casually mentioned bad breath – did you stop to think …? oh do I have it??

If that might be you, then here are some great tips and tricks for you on how to prevent bad breath.

1. Watch your food

There are plenty of foods that can cause bad breath, the onions and garlic top the list. Even after you brush your teeth, this peculiar smell can linger on. So better to avoid these raw foods mainly during the day time. And if you absolutely have to have them, keep your fresh mints handy. Just pop one or two in your mouth before you go-ahead to start the day again. But make sure these mint are sugar-free.

2. Stay Hydrated

Stick to the golden rule- keep the water intake consistent throughout the day. The water helps to clean any food remnants from your teeth and also regularly cleans your tongue. Your tongue can harbour some bad bacteria which can cause bad breath.

3.Reduce that coffee craving

Beverages like black coffee can cause quite a strong smell. Black coffee is also notorious as the residue sticks to the plaque on your teeth which will not only cause more staining but also tends to cause bad breath.  Afsh sugar-free mint will come in handy if you can’t resist that morning or afternoon coffee.

4.No Smoking

Needless to say, nothing like smokers’ breath. So please take the step and say NO to smoking. Not only will you eliminate the bad breath but will also keep your teeth and gums healthy.

5. Oral Hygiene

Brushing twice a day is easier done but may people forget to floss. It is very important to clean between your teeth as well. You may choose to floss or use water flosser or wooden picks – whichever aid you feel works for you but it is very important to get rid of any food particles between the teeth. This will not only prevent bad breath but also will stop any decay or gum disease.

We often also neglect cleaning the tongue. Remember, the bacteria form a coating on the tongue that will often cause bad breath. You can clean the tongue just with your brush or can use a tongue scraper.

6. Sugar-free mints

Keep them handy to cover up the bad breath. They will help increase the flow of saliva, which itself works to clean any food residues and activate the natural mechanism of the mouth against bacteria.

7. Come to see us

Regular visits to your dentist will help identify any small decay forming which can be treated and filled. The holes in your teeth can harbour food and bacteria, which will result in bad breath. Also having regular deep cleanings with the hygienist will help to combat this problem.