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Smoothies and fruit juices are the present trend. They seem so simple, you can get your 5-a day in one quick gulp. But have you ever wondered are they really that good for you?


It all depends on what you put in them. Studies have shown that some shop-bought smoothies are actually worse than a can of coke and no one would have that for breakfast and feel healthy!

Some of the readymade smoothies or juices are full of added sugars. This not only can tooth decay but also the ascorbic acid in the vitamin C can cause the enamel to erode, making our teeth doubly vulnerable to staining.

So instead of the bottled smoothies or juices, always opt for freshly made ones. However, even with the freshly made ones, there are a few things to keep in mind while enjoying them

Follow these easy tips and your teeth will continue to sparkle:

  1. Try going for freshly made smoothies or smoothie bowls that can be made right in front of your eyes and you can also have them custom made for you. There are many places now that will make your drinks using fresh fruits rather than using syrups for flavours. This will help cut down the added sugars which are the silent culprits in tooth decay.
  2. Enjoy your smoothie immediately, then rinse your mouth afterward. Just take a few sips of water to dilute the teeth-staining foods. Freshly made fruit juices are alkalising. Over time, light, air, and heat destroy most of the available nutrients and allow the sugars to ferment. This causes additional damage, not only causing decay from sugars but also promoting tooth enamel loss from the acid.
  3. Make “green” smoothies. These have at least double, preferably triple, greens to fruit ratio to keep the sugar content of your drink low. You can also opt for more vegetables in your smoothies or juices. This will help you enjoy a drink without having to worry about the natural fruit sugars.
  4. Try getting coconut water as the base for your smoothie. Replacing the syrups with coconut water is not healthy for the body but also saves the teeth from unwanted harmful effects of sugars.
  5. Eliminate or reduce the acid – avoid using citrus fruit in your smoothie. This will help reducing the erosion damage caused by the citrus fruits.
  6. Try to wait half an hour if brushing after your smoothie\juice because your tooth enamel is more vulnerable just after eating and drinking.

Having had all this knowledge, do keep these easy tips in mind for the health of your teeth next time you go for that lucrative juice bar. Talk to our Dental Hygienists about the best options for your dental and oral health.