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Water flossers are quickly becoming a popular way to clean in between your teeth.

So what is it? And why do you need it?

The easiest way to explain what a water flosser is, is to describe them as a mini water blaster for your teeth, they are a great way to clean plaque and bacteria from those hard to reach places that your tooth brush cannot reach.

They are especially good for …

  • Those who have manual dexterity problems, such as someone suffering from arthritis may not be able to use traditional floss.
  • Orthodontic patients, water flossers are a good option to get around those tricky to clean braces.
  • People with Implants, bridges and crowns. As these can have spaces underneath that are very awkward to clean. But they need to be cleaned to prevent problems later such as gum disease around implants and decay under bridges.
  • Those who find traditional flossing difficult.

Although Traditional flossing is still the most thorough way to clean between your teeth, using a water flosser is better than doing neither especially if doing on a regular basis.

There are a couple different types of flossers out there; you have options of either a bench top tank that plugs into the wall or a rechargeable hand held flosser. The bench top tanks are good if you have space in your bathroom and you can have multiple tips for each member of the family. The cordless flossers are good if you travel or have a limited bathroom space.

How to use a water flosser ….

  1. Initially, fill some warm water into the device.
  2. Starting with the lowest pressure setting on the device, bend over the sink and put the tip into the mouth (this can be messy the first few times).
  3. It is advisable to keep the tip parallel to the teeth to protect the gum tissues
  4. Then turn the device on and allow the water to flow in the mouth and clean between the teeth and around the gums.
  5. Use on a regular basis.

Cleaning your water flosser -At least once a month wipe out the inside of the water tank then fill with a vinegar and water solution then run this through the water flossers tip. Rinse and allow to dry. It is also recommended to change the tip every 3 months.

Feel free to ask at your next appointment about water flossers and if they are right for you or you are more than welcome to come in and any one in the practice would be happy to demonstrate the flossers we have.

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