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Let’s get you to that appointment.

Here at 32 Gems Dental Care each member of the team works together to make your dental visits simple, comfortable, friendly, and as pain-free as we possibly can.

We all know how daunting the thought of dental visits can be and some have even had past experiences that make the thought even worse. Dental anxiety is a real thing and some people may not have seen a dentist for a long time because of it.

The team wanted to provide not only some tips to help overcome that fear but also let you know Just a few of the things we do to make you the patient more comfortable.

What we can do to help:

  • A friendly smile or voice goes a long way: From the moment you call on the phone or call into the practice, we are doing what we can to make your experience as pleasant as possible.
  • You will be kept well informed: We’ll let you know what will most likely happen at your visit. The dentist can go through the steps during the appointment and we will give you treatment options and explain them to you.
  • The patient sets the pace: We will offer breaks during long treatments or any time the patient requests. The patient can book multiple procedures in one visit, to get it over with or do one procedure and spread it out over time.
  • The art of distraction: Each surgery has a SmartScreen on the ceiling with many movies or tv shows to choose from. We have our stress giraffe who is cute and squishy, great for keeping your hands busy. We also have headphones on hand to cover any dental sounds with music to help you relax.
  • Comfort and numbing: The dental chair can be set lying back or sitting up. There are back and neck cushions at request. The dentist will always use a topical numbing gel before local anaesthetic and ensure you are nice and numb before starting treatment.

Dental treatment has changed dramatically over the years. Treatment options, procedures, and technology have advanced making visits quicker and a lot more comfortable.

What you can do:

  • Let us know: Letting us know about your dental anxiety/fear will help us understand you and how to help you during your visit, and it also helps to talk about it. You are not alone many people have these same fears/anxieties; we are experienced and happy to help.
  • Stop by: Come in to make your appointment or even just check the place out and make some inquiries. This will familiarise you with the practice and you can meet some of our friendly team.
  • Book a Morning appointment: Making an appointment in the morning won’t give you all day long to think/stress about the visit. Many people are more relaxed in the morning and don’t have the added stresses of the day.
  • A support person: You are welcome to bring along a support person to your visit or even just bring along something you find comforting a stuffed toy, your own stress ball, a fidget Spinner or your favourite scarf.
  • Practice deep breathing, a lot of people forget to take a breath and tense up when there anxious. This can make some procedures more uncomfortable than necessary. Nice deep breathes can work wonders.

We want you to have great oral health and be comfortable and happy to visit us. Dental health plays an important role in overall health as well as self-confidence.

So call in or give us a call when you’re ready, we are flexible and happy to help where we can.

32 Gems Dental Care