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Main reasons you should replace those missing teeth or hold on to the ones you have….

Damage / Wear

Every tooth in your mouth has its own unique job, your molars and premolars grind food into tiny bits, while your incisors and canines cut and tear food into bite-size pieces. Once you start losing a tooth here and there the other teeth start doing more work and work they are not uniquely designed for, leading to faster deterioration of the teeth left behind.


Losing a  tooth can cause your surrounding  teeth to move into the gap and over time if not replaced the drifted teeth can cause your bite to change, leading to issues like jaw and neck pain, gum issues and even cause chips or cracks to other teeth.

Bone loss

The bones in your jaws are stimulated when the force of biting and chewing travels down the root of your teeth into the bone. When you lose even a single tooth, the bone under where the tooth used to be starts to weaken and deteriorate. If you are missing a lot of teeth in your upper or lower jaw your face can start to have a sunken in appearance.

Chewing difficulties

Loosing teeth can affect how well your teeth cut, slice or grind the food you eat, restricting what you’re able to eat. Foods that are normally hard to chew become nearly impossible to chew without teeth. Unfortunately many foods we need for a healthy diet like vegetables or nuts are all difficult to chew.This can result in poor nutrition choices and not enough of the essential nutrients you need.


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