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We all love Christmas and we know as kiwis we all look forward to those beautiful summer afternoons, sipping a glass of bubbles or a beer and eating all those extra delicious Christmas sweets. So the last thing we all are thinking about is caring for your teeth.

We all look forward to the mackintosh toffees and wonderful array of Christmas nuts but you would be surprised of the number of patients we get at this time of the year due to loss of fillings or even cracked teeth from those scrummy treats, but hey Christmas would not be Christmas without them.

So, we wanted to remind you, your teeth deserve a happy and healthy Christmas too, if you love all that great food and tipples. Just remember to spare a few minutes for your hard-working teeth that never get a holiday break. It is also important to keep on top of your regular dental routine over the festive season.


Let us give you some handy tips to get your teeth through the holiday season

  • Water -We recommend drinking a glass water in between eating and drinking, this will help to wash away any harmful bacteria and acids that can cause enamel damage.
  • Cheese- Adding a fancy Cheese platter to the table is a great way to balance the acids from other food and drinks in your mouth, so add some brie and camembert and crackers to the afternoon snack.
  • Scissors & bottle openers – Don’t use your teeth! Your teeth are not designed to cut cellotape or open your beers, it is not a good party trick! Make use of those scissors and be sure to have a bottle opener on hand, so over the festive break please be aware that Dental injuries can happen at any time and many dental injuries happen at Christmas. It could be falling off the brand-new sparkling bike or tripping over that left over toy on the carpet, scootering, skateboarding or any of the 1001 things us kiwis love to do on our Christmas break.


So here’s a couple of tips for the accidents we don’t want to happen

  • Give any accidents the first aid that they need.
  • Always pop a knocked-out tooth back in if able, if not place in a glass of milk and head to your local A and E or nearest dentist.
  • Visit a dentist if you are able to register any accidents with ACC.


So, from all of us here at 32 Gems Dental Care, we wish you a most wonderful Christmas and a neat and relaxing new year.