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Get A Smile That Sparkles And Shines With Confidence


Everyone wants to be confident and your teeth can play a large part in that. We all want to smile spreading happiness and confidence.

We all want our teeth to be white, sparkling, and shiny, but the years can do damage to our teeth that simply cannot be reversed by brushing – no matter how dedicated your dental regime is. As we go through life, time and our actions impact our general health and our teeth. Everything from teeth grinding to spicy curries, red wines to tea and coffee are culprits for some of the ongoing damage to our teeth.

No matter what damage time and everyday habits have done to your teeth, there is a way to obtain a perfect grin; through a carefully selected cosmetic Dentist.

Choosing The Right Cosmetic Dentist

Depending on your dental needs there are many things Cosmetic Dentistry can help with, from teeth whitening or straightening, fixing chipped teeth or short teeth. With so many options you need to look for the right dentist who can offer a variety of treatments to you while being minimally invasive at the same time.

We at 32 Gems offer a wide variety of treatments ranging from the simplest such as teeth whitening to the most complex like full mouth rehabilitation.

Our Different Cosmetic Options

We offer in-office teeth whitening treatments where we can get a great result in about one hour. If this is not the right option for you, we also offer take-home whitening systems where you can get whiter teeth in the comfort of your home.

Our dentists also offer orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth, we offer clear aligners like Invisalign or Sure-Smile which can help straighten your teeth without the need for metal wires or brackets. A faster, cleaner-looking, and less invasive option for straighter teeth.

We also offer cosmetic treatments like veneers or crowns to correct chipped or short teeth. Often you may have a congenitally missing tooth creating a gap in the smile line. Implants are a great way of getting a beautiful result and our dentist can help you achieve this.

We also offer full mouth rehabilitation treatments that help in establishing the original shape and length of your teeth which may have been damaged by the effects of grinding or continuous erosion.

Our dentists also offer Botox treatment for those fine lines or wrinkles for facial aesthetics, complimenting that beautiful smile.

We at 32 Gems use the latest technology to capture a digital image of your existing teeth and can offer a digital mock-up of the final result we can achieve for you. Our dentist will work with you to discuss the minimally invasive option to achieve the best results for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Call us now and we can make your smile, sparkle, and shine!