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The most common question that we get asked over the phone and online enquires is ‘How much for X?’

Although we can give you a rough guide on treatment costs, we have a practice policy which is we do not offer treatment plans or quotes without physically seeing the patient. We do understand that this can be disappointing or even annoying to patients, but we do this for several reasons – all for the benefit of you, the patient.

Getting a treatment plan/quote without being seen by the Dentist, can be very misleading.

You may think that you just need a single Treatment, but you really don’t know if you have any other underlying oral or dental issues. If you have not seen a dentist there is no way of knowing whether this is the right treatment or the only treatment needed for your dental health.

Do you have any gum disease affecting your oral health that needs to be addressed? Damaged or decaying, or missing teeth for a period of time affects the health and wellbeing of your surrounding teeth, are those teeth healthy or do they require management? Have your teeth moved and need straightening?

All these things can only be assessed in person by a dentist and different factors will affect the overall cost of your treatment. Not only do they affect the cost, but if left unmanaged, can affect and increase the risk of further complications.

Being given one price over the phone, then another price when you see the dentist can be a surprise and a disappointment for patients.

Usually, the person you are communicating with over the phone or online is not a certified dentist

Who is quoting your treatment or talking to you about your procedures? When you are asking questions online, are they taking into account your situation, your oral health and are they certified by the NZ Dental Association to be giving you advice on dental Treatment? Or are they just copying and pasting answers supplied to them, giving you a stock standard price to just get you in the door?

Our reception staff always recommend patients book for a consultation with a dentist, so you as a patient can walk away being fully informed on what your treatment options are and be informed of each process. Then you the patient can then make your own educated decisions on your treatment.

At the end of the day, your oral health is important to your overall health and the treatment option you go with is an investment. Being well informed can save you multiple costly visits or avoid regrets of losing teeth unnecessarily.