Children's Dental Care

We believe our warm and friendly approach to treating this group of patients increases their acceptance of dental care and helps them keep their teeth healthy for life.

Our dental check-up for adolescents include;

  • A detailed yearly check-up of the teeth, any existing fillings as well as checking the health of  patients gums
  • Assessment of oral hygiene, and giving the adolescents a great home care program
  • Regular X-rays

We also see children under the age of 13 (SDS) with a referral from the Bee Healthy Dental Service, these referrals are given to either the parent or guardian when a child may be in pain and require antibiotics, or require treatment that cannot be provided by an oral health therapist.

Most of the treatment is funded by the OHSA contract. However some procedures like orthodontic extractions and treatment are not funded, thus these are available on a fee.

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