Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth can cause a huge amount of pain and can make a massive change if your life.

Wisdom teeth, when in eruption, can cause acute pain. We can assess the treatment required by taking a CBCT (3D x-ray), this x-ray gives the dentist a full view of where the teeth are positioned and it is instant, which gives you the ability to see the CBCT on one of our screens in real time. However, not all wisdom teeth require extraction. We usually advise extractions if these are stuck (impacted) against other teeth, cause food to accumulate and are difficult to clean or cause periods of swelling, pain & infection.

If you find the thought of having teeth extracted a little nerve racking or are feeling a little nervous at the prospect of being fully aware of what is happening while the treatment is taking place, then I.V Sedation could be a great option for you also.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

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