Dental Hygienist

For all your hygiene requirements we have a hygienist at 32 Gems dental care.

Dental hygienists provide preventative oral care under a dentist’s supervision. They clean patients’ teeth and examine their mouths for signs of damage, gingivitis, and other diseases. Hygienists teach patients how to maintain good oral health. And while a little discomfort may be necessary to get your teeth properly clean, you shouldn’t be in pain during regular cleaning. Our hygienists all use the cavitron cleaning machine which is highly recommended through the dental industry worldwide.  And is known causes less discomfort than others.

Also always remember to tell your hygienist how you’re feeling, and ask for a break to take a few deep breaths if needed.

The benefits of visiting a dental hygienist can be life-changing for you and your mouth, and even though your dentist assesses the overall health of your teeth and looks after any necessary treatments.

Your dental hygienist will professionally clean your teeth, removing any stubborn tartar and plaque and consequently preventing issues like gum disease.


Dental Hygienist Services

What we Record
  • Pocket depth measurement of the space between your gums and teeth
  • Evaluation of bone loss
  • Determination of tooth mobility
  • Measurement of gum recession and overgrowth
  • Amount of inflammation present

This data is recorded in our computer charting system. We can review data that shows the changes that have occurred between the visits and improvement in periodontal health with treatment.

How we Treat this?

Depending on the findings, they will design an individually tailored preventative programme for you. This will include a thorough and deep scaling, root planing and polishing which will work to remove the plaque and calculus. They will also demonstrate the correct brushing and flossing techniques and advise you if there is a special tooth brush, tooth paste or any other oral hygiene aid which will work best for you. Comprehensive dietary advice will also be given. In addition, any other necessary information will be discussed, for example, information on how to stop smoking. Depending on your level of risk, a recall interval will be set for you.

Research shows that patients who regularly visit a hygienist suffer less dental problems in the long term.

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