Dental Crowns

What is a dental crown?

Teeth can sometimes become damaged and can fracture due to extensive decay or existing large fillings. Often with time, they undergo wear and tear which is a natural part of the aging process of teeth. Modern dentistry offers some comprehensive ways to protect and restore your teeth. Depending on how much the tooth is damaged, it can be repaired and restored back to its natural shape and colour with restorations like crowns, onlays, or inlays.

A dental crown or cap surrounds the damaged tooth and is cemented to the entirety of the tooth and sits along the base of the gumline. They are designed to blend in perfectly with the neighboring teeth by closely replicating the look and feel of tooth enamel.

There are a few different materials available for crowns, but porcelain is one of the most popular options for its natural look that most closely resembles real teeth. Other options can include metal, gold, or porcelain-covered metal, all of which offer different benefits like durability and biocompatibility.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crown Options

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Crowns?
  • Restore a broken, damaged, or chipped tooth
  • Protect the tooth from further decay
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of a badly shaped or discolored tooth
  • Protect root canal filled tooth from fracture
  • As part of dental bridge
  • As a part of a dental implant
What Is The Dental Crown Made Up Of?

Dental crowns are made up of three different materials

  • All ceramic metal-free crowns
  • Ceramic on metal crowns
  • All Metal crowns

The choice of the type of material depends on the purpose we want to achieve with the crown. For example, front teeth need to have an all-ceramic crown, if possible, since it looks the most natural. Whereas if it is the very back tooth in the mouth, we need more strength and durability thus, we may choose an all-metal or ceramic on metal crowns.

What Happens During The Dental Crown Procedure?

The dental crowns procedure takes a single appointment if we are using the all-ceramic material (CEREC single visit crowns) or two visits if a lab is involved in the process. A lab may be involved if we are restoring a very discoloured front tooth with an all-ceramic crown as shade matching can be challenging or if we are restoring a badly damaged back tooth as all-metal crowns can be designed at the lab only.

When you come to 32 Gems for dental crown treatment, your comfort comes first. Before we begin, we’ll ensure you’re feeling comfortable in our calm and soothing environment. Our kind and friendly team will do everything necessary to make sure you’re feeling totally comfortable before treatment starts.

Firstly, we’ll prepare the tooth to accommodate the crown. Then, we’ll take a digital scan of your teeth and make a record of their colour to ensure your new crown is a perfect match.

If we are doing a CEREC or single appointment crown, then we see you back for a second 30-minute appointment after an hour. We take this time to design and fabricate your crown with our computer-aided milling machine.

However, if a laboratory is involved, we will place a temporary restoration on your tooth. The digital scan is then transferred to the dental laboratory. It usually takes the dental laboratory about 2 weeks to design your new crown.

Once your crown is back, we invite you for a 30-minute appointment to have the crown fitted, it’s as easy as that!

How Do I Care For My New Crown?

Taking good care of your crown will help you get the most out of your investment. For the most part, it is similar to the steps that you should follow to care for your natural teeth. Follow these steps to take care of your crown for the long term:

  • Eat a healthy diet (cut back on sweets and soft drinks)
  • Brush your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes with a soft or electric toothbrush
  • Floss every day or use a water flosser (Waterpik) around the crown and all other teeth
  • See your dentist regularly (every 4-6 months) for a hygiene appointment

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